LUXE Linear Drains Barrier-Free Showers Ideal for All Aging in Place and Senior Living Env.

The entire collection of modern, stylish LUXE Linear Drains in decorative, tile insert and pattern grate design linear channel drains are produced using architectural-grade, 100% stainless steel for durability and performance. For seniors aging at home and all modern senior living facilities, interior design product teams have found a hugely important … [Read more...]

Discover Decorative Linear Shower Drains Before it’s Too Late

  After four delightful years in Boston for college, my whole crew from had no intentions of leaving anytime soon. The best plan for us was to get some jobs in the city and hunker down together in Southie while we waited for our lives to happen. It was 1997, the same year “Goodwill Hunting,” starring Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Robin Williams and others … [Read more...]

Architect Impressed with the Beauty, Thankful for Versatility of LUXE Linear Drains

For Immediate Release: In Washington D.C., the LUXE Linear Drains collection has done nothing but impress one of the most prominent architects in the region. Greg Wiedemann, AIA, principal of Wiedemann Architects, has recently completed two custom master bath projects featuring high-end, elegant materials, both including the LUXE Linear Shower Drain – Tile … [Read more...]