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The Benefits of Linear Shower Drains

If you’ve never considered using a linear shower drain before, you may find yourself wondering what makes this type of drain so superior to the standard drains that are currently in your shower space. All drains are the same, aren’t they?

All drains are not created equally. Below are a few of the many benefits that make linear shower drains the best choice for your shower and bathroom drainage needs:

  • A trench or trough is placed under a linear drain, with the floor sloped toward the drain, which causes water to run down and into the drain.
  • Linear drains are easier to install than traditional round shower drains. Round shower drains require more work to slope the floor so that water flows toward and into the drain.
  • Linear shower drains work well in tub-to-shower conversions and are also appropriate for use in handicap or wheelchair accessible showers.
  • Linear drains provide a smoother visual appearance. They also help free up space with the elimination of curbing or thresholds.

Those are just a few of the benefits linear shower drains have to offer homeowners. You can contact LUXE Linear Drains at 877-398-8110 for more information on the benefits of linear drains, as well as information on our products.

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