4 Advantages of Having a Linear Drain in Your Shower

4 Advantages of Having a Linear Drain in Your Shower

Check out the perks of installing linear drains in your shower. Source: Houzz

Drains are not the most glamorous shower component, but choosing the right drain is nonetheless essential to ensure a safe and comfortable showering experience. Even though linear drains are but one of the options available to interested homeowners, these drains possess a number of outstanding qualities that make them stand out among the competition.

Here are four of the advantages to using a linear drain:

  • Linear drains are suited to almost all designs and circumstances. Mainly, this is because linear drains come in a range of sizes, while remaining simple to install and capable of handling all of the demand placed on shower drains.
  • Showers made of granite and tile are becoming increasingly popular. Linear drains complement these showers because their presence ensures that moisture will not linger and subsequently cause mold or erosion.
  • Since linear drains mean eliminating the threshold in the shower, their presence helps to protect homeowners and members of their families who have problems moving around. In short, linear drains ensure that the shower is accessible to all possible users out there.
  • Linear drains have one final strength in the form of reduced costs to install, maintain, and use.

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