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LUXE Linear Drain

LUXE Linear Drain

A shower drain is an opportunity for beauty, subtlety, and simplicity.  The stainless steel linear drain designs available through LUXE Linear Drains are a simple but effective way to add extraordinary style and safety.  Blending seamlessly with the larger tile design of your shower, the Linear Drains either sit flush against the wall below a stainless steel grate, or are hidden under a tile in a tile drain of linear or point design.  Water seems to magically disappears into your floor
with the tile drain designs.

 The right drains can make a big difference to your fun outdoors.

If you want a clean kitchen without a lot of fuss, the Kitchen Bench Drain lets glass ware drain as it keeps the sink and counter tops clean.  Luxe Deluxe bench drains are perfect for the busy  homeowner.

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