Accessibility and Style in the Universal Shower

Universal showers benefit everyone, no longer only those with mobility problems. Just think about how much more comfortable it would be to move freely around your bathroom without needing to step over sills and thresholds. There are a certain number of universal design bathroom features that must not be neglected.

LUXE Linear Drains

Image: BY DESIGN Builders via

  • Zero-threshold shower. The floor runs continuously from the main bathroom to the shower. To prevent flooding, the floor must slope toward the drain.
  • Extended cabinetry. The cabinetry reaches into the shower area to expand functional space.
  • Linear drains. Zero-threshold showers can reduce water buildup with the use of a linear drain.
  • Varied flooring. Changing flooring the shower to water boards allows for a threshold shower with adequate drainage.

Incorporate the above into your design to maximize accessibility and style in your bathroom.

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