Add a Shower to Your Pool Area

Swimming is a perfect way to enjoy warm weather. However, it is vital to practice good hygiene before and after taking a refreshing dive and you can do so by adding a shower to the pool area. Pool showers, especially ones with linear shower drains, help keep swimming fun — and healthy. Highly stylish, yet wonderfully functional, linear shower drains diminish daily muck to keep you and your pool cleaner. Here are two things to consider if you are thinking about adding a shower to your pool area.


A dip in the pool is perfect after a long, hot day. Yet think about where you walked, sat or put your hands during the day. A swimming pool used by various people is more of a mass bacterial bath. A preshower helps cut the contagion risks. Of course, chlorine does manage to control some harmful bacteria — but not all. It is better to be safe than sorry and sick.


Showering after swimming helps eliminate residual traces of lingering bacteria and chlorine helps ward of sickness, dry skin and hair. In a sense, it is the most effective and protective thing you can do to optimize the healthy benefits of taking a few laps.

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If you are interested in adding an outdoor shower with a linear drain to your pool area contact LUXE Linear Drains today!

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