Add an element of luxury with LUXE kitchen drains

Luxe Linear Kitchen drains

Let’s face it: every home has a dish drainer. Whether you wash all your dishes by hand or reserve the task for fine china and stainless steel pans, your dish drainer is there, taking up counter or sink space or both.

But with LUXE Linear kitchen drains, your standard, unattractive dish drainer gets a luxurious makeover. Our one-of-a-kind drainers provide an area for knives, bowls, glasses, and other items that you might use to drain the water into the sink, killing two birds with one stone. Here, the drain is located next to the sink and has a linear drain on the opposite side of the sink, meshing perfectly with your luxury marble or granite countertops.

With LUXE kitchen drains, you are able to combine practicality with aesthetic. Would you like similar stylish drains in your home?

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