Architect Impressed with the Beauty, Thankful for Versatility of LUXE Linear Drains

LUXE Drains Offer the Same Great Look at a Fraction of the Cost

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For Immediate Release: In Washington D.C., the LUXE Linear Drains collection has done nothing but impress one of the most prominent architects in the region. Greg Wiedemann, AIA, principal of Wiedemann Architects, has recently completed two custom master bath projects featuring high-end, elegant materials, both including the LUXE Linear Shower Drain – Tile Insert.

Wiedemann Architects most recent project used the architectural-grade, 100% stainless steel modern design linear drain from LUXE Linear Drains to solve an important issue for the custom bath and master shower of a penthouse condo in Chevy Chase, Maryland.
“I wanted to share this snapshot we took today during our site visit to the condo we just completed,” said Wiedemann, who earned his Masters of Architecture from Harvard University. “It just reminded me of the beauty of the LUXE Linear Drains.”
The complete overhaul of the existing space into a luxury condo had a challenging issue for Wiedemann Architects to overcome in the new custom master bath. The two main issues the uniquely shaped space presented were the particularly low ceilings and the original placement of the plumbing for the shower in the existing space.
“We are in the final stages of completing this luxury penthouse condo,” said Wiedemann. “We used the LUXE Linear Drain – Tile Insert again. The shallow depth of the LUXE Linear Shower Drain insert option allowed us to do a curbless, barrier-free shower entry and not sacrifice any of the limited ceiling height we inherited as part of the existing building. We maximized the height we did have so owners will not have to step up when entering the shower.
“In addition to the low ceiling, when we first began planning for this bath, we felt that would need to completely reposition the shower because of the where the shower plumbing was located in the existing building design,” said Wiedemann. “Of course, we didn’t want anything to do with difficult, costly and time-consuming process of having to move the existing shower plumbing. Thankfully, the LUXE Linear Shower Drain afforded us the flexibility we needed to get where we wanted to go. Ultimately, we did move the existing shower space, but we still didn’t have to move the plumbing. Instead, we were able to couple two of the tile insert style drains to span the distance and save us from the complicated process of moving the entire existing shower plumbing fixtures.”

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