Choosing the Best Drain for Your Shower

LUXE Insert Tile Drain

Although the shower head usually gets all the attention, it is important to not overlook the drain. Choosing the right drain will enhance both the function and style of your shower. You don't have to settle for a basic drain, there are plenty of innovative options on the market that will be the perfect addition to your bathroom. Linear Drains A linear … [Read more...]

The Principles of Universal Design

Universal design

More and more, homeowners are understanding the need for accessible homes. Universal design bathroom features such as linear drains are essential for ensuring that homeowners and their families can retain their independence without suffering a decline in comfort and convenience even with the onset of infirmities. Traditional Spaces by Atlanta Kitchen and … [Read more...]

Cleaning Your Linear Drain

Most people have never cleaned linear shower drains before. After all, why would you, unless there‚Äôs a problem, in which case you probably called a plumber. However, cleaning your linear shower drain will keep it working properly and stop that all-to-regular call to the plumber. Lift the cover of your shower drain with a linear shower drain key. Remove … [Read more...]