Avoid Standing Water on Your Walkways with Linear Drains


You only have one opportunity to provide your customers with a good impression. Before your clients even make it to your door, they may have already made a decision about your competence and professionalism based on what your walkway looks like.

Let’s face it; your clients do not want to be worried about stepping in water puddles that have formed along your walkway. These pools of water can be distracting as well as an irritant. The problem, as a business owner, is that you need to provide an aesthetically pleasing image while also combating these nuisances. Your answer to this dilemma is linear drain installation in Atlanta.

Linear drains are the best solution because the sleek design does not distract from the overall image of your building and landscaping. The flush features of the linear system provide a greater surface area to quickly eliminate the water. Rather than placing one central drain responsible for the task, the design permits you to run the line along the entire length of the pathway without infringing on the actual path itself.

To learn more on how linear drains can be implemented, be sure to speak with our professionals at LUXE Linear Drains today!

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