Certified Floor Coverings & Remodels Modern Bath Design Features LUXE Linear Drains

LUXE Drains Offer the Same Great Look at a Fraction of the Cost

Source:LUXE Linear Drains


In the throes of a delicate seamless addition home improvement project, Sonia Shuh began to slowly lose faith in the current group of contractors she had hired for the job. This can easily make the homeowner feel trapped between riding it out or starting all over again from scratch. In this case Shuh had been hoping for the best but fearing the worst if this group stayed on to design and install the new bath slated to fill that new addition at her stylish, contemporary residence in Cerritos, California, a tiny suburb just south of Los Angeles.

Still, while Shuh considered her options she always finds the time to search for some rare, elegant or functional missing product they could possibly incorporate into her bath, while at the same time skimming through finished beauty shots of many of the world’s most beautiful custom baths hoping to find divine intervention.

Here’s where things get a little interesting.

During one of these sessions, Shuh discovered the stylish, complete collection of LUXE Linear Drains. Liking what she saw, Shuh went straight to the source and logged right in to a contactor forum searching for a thread on linear drains. When she found one and joined, Shuh was hoping someone online at the time had experience with LUXE Linear Drains. And it’s at this point when Orlando Carr, President of Certified Floor Coverings & Remodelers, arrives on the scene with answers for any and all questions that Shuh might have had.

LUXE Drains Offer the Same Great Look at a Fraction of the Cost

Source:LUXE Linear Drains

Shuh knew she wanted to indulge in elegance for this space and requested radiant electric floor warming under the porcelain tile surface, including for the entire wetroom that shares both a traditional standing shower and adjacent soaking tub veiled thinly by a single clear-glass pocket door to the right of the curbless, wheel-in-style shower entrance.

Carr is a high-energy, passionate and skilled tile and stone installation specialist that frankly, can’t wait to talk at any time to anyone that cares about the industry as much as he does. That and Carr has already gained plenty of experience working with linear drains in several new bath projects in the last bunch of years.

It didn’t take Shuh long to realize Carr’s dedication is to his craft, and decided he was the exactly the right one to come and help save the delicate project that was heading down a potentially not-great direction. Shuh cleaned house and helped the original crew get a head start on the weekend. Next she signed up Carr to work with her on the elegant master bath feature and materials specification. Before being relieved of their duties, the original crew had managed to leave behind a full mortar bed and installed the radiant electric floor warming system to get Carr started.

After meeting with Shuh and discussing her vision for the new addition, Carr went shopping and came back with fashionable, top-quality large-format glazed porcelain tiles that featured a textured surface and fashionable color styles. Shuh liked what she saw and the two quickly agreed on the top-selling collection product by Surface Art, Inc. They made the right choice, the “Architectural Venetian” collection of 12” x 24” color-body porcelain tiles from Surface Art for Shuh’s new Cerritos bath.

LUXE Drains Offer the Same Great Look at a Fraction of the Cost

Source:LUXE Linear Drains

The glazed porcelain tiles from Architectural Venetian were from its GrassCloth II range in a pair of unique shades, the slightly darker shaded “Cashmere” for the walls and the softer “Pearl” style for the bathroom flooring tiles. As an extra bonus, taking over this custom bath project in Cerritos afforded Carr another chance to work with one of his most trusted sources and suppliers, Daniel Nasserian of Bonanza Trade Supply in North Hollywood. Nasserian stocked Carr up with all the right stuff for a perfect, beautiful tile design and installation he hoped could restore his embattled client’s faith in contractor nation.

And finally, it was time for Carr to begin the actual tile work. First, he had to address the architectural-grade, 100% stainless steel LUXE Linear Drain’s place in the design layout. Shuh and Carr’s goal of designing a sleek, modern bath for the 16’ x 13’ new addition was heavily bolstered by the addition of the LUXE Linear Shower Drain – Pattern Grate style modern design linear drain with a classic repeating square-hole pattern running 60” along the far back shower wall. The barrier-free entry shower’s drain placement also allowed for the beautiful, uninterrupted large-format porcelain tile floor design that gracefully continues up ever so gently over the raised threshold before it reaches the barrier-free, zero-threshold entry and the slowly rolls downhill toward the linear drain at a rate of ¼” per square foot to ensure ideal flow rates for the LUXE Linear Shower Drain – Pattern Grate style channel drain.

“(Shuh) did a lot of research on this project and she knew what she was doing,” said Carr. “She was disappointed in the original contractor and was looking for a new contractor to help her finish the modern, sleek new custom bath she had planned. She had ordered a LUXE Linear Shower Drain. It showed up right on time and was perfect. It was definitely a deluxe product. No doubt about that. The prior contractor had already installed radiant floor warming over the mortar bed. The great thing about the LUXE Linear Drain is that we could use the setting materials we were used to working with, regardless of the prior contractor. We had no problems. The drain slid right into place, nothing to tie in, no extra hook-ups, nothing like that.”

Just as they proved to be in this project, LUXE Linear Drains are beautiful design elements for any custom design residential bath. But just as importantly, the ability to place the drain anywhere in the design, LUXE Linear Shower Drains makes it possible to design barrier-free, zero-threshold entry showers for safe, easy access. This benefit provides commercial architects and interior healthcare, hospitality, senior housing, assisted living settings and more can all easily and stylishly design barrier-free, wheel-in-entry showers that meet all ADA requirements.

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