Chef style cooking capacity

Stainless steel knife-slot next to the sinkA good cook can make a wonderful meal regardless of the preparation space or utensils. Still, having more preparation space and great utensils can simplify your meal creation process.

This stainless steel knife slot is hand-polished, and, unlike other knife blocks, the LUXE alternative is actually ingrained into your counter. With this design, your knives no longer clutter your counter-space, allowing your kitchen to show off more of its sleek marble or granite countertops.

Not only will your counter-space be clutter-free chic, but you can rest easy knowing your sharp knives are safely stowed away should you have small ones around.

Install your knife rack next your sink, in your kitchen island, or on your barbecue grill.  These polished slots can be placed in wood, granite, marble, or stainless steel.


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