Cleaning Your Linear Drain

Most people have never cleaned linear shower drains before. After all, why would you, unless there’s a problem, in which case you probably called a plumber. However, cleaning your linear shower drain will keep it working properly and stop that all-to-regular call to the plumber.

Source: No-Curb

Source: No-Curb

  • Lift the cover of your shower drain with a linear shower drain key. Remove the linear drain and set it aside on a clean towel or rag to avoid scratching it, your shower or flooring.
  • Scoop out any soap scum and hair using rubber gloves or a heavy towel. Discard soap scum and hair — getting as much as possible out.
  • Clean the linear drain with a scrub brush and soapy water. If you have a lot of soap scum or chemical buildup you can use a mixture of 10:1 water and baking soda or a simple premixed cleaner designed for removing soap scum and bath products. Avoid using products that are harsh and will scratch or damage the metal.
  • Replace the linear drain and rinse the shower to clean off footprints and any products that might be present.

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