Consider a Doorless Shower for Unsurpassed Style

A popular design option for the bathroom is a doorless shower. This approach has long been used in European countries, and is making its way to the US. The open features of a doorless shower provide an amazing aesthetic opportunity.

While closing off a shower area prevents splashing and provides a degree of privacy, an open design provides an unparalleled flow throughout the bathroom.

The unique features of an open shower requires a few considerations.

  1. The drain should be extremely efficient, linear shower drains easily fulfill this need.
  2. The open space can give a person the chills, but placing warming floors, towel warmer, and an overheating lamp can remedy this issue.
  3. The design flow should be made to seamless run from the shower through the bathroom.
  4. To meet the needs for privacy and splash, adding a half wall is the answer.
  5. Accessibility is greatly enhanced.

Once you get over the initial shock of a doorless shower, you will be amazed at how you ever lived without it.

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photo courtesy of Houzz

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