Creating a Kid-friendly Bathroom

If you’re thinking that designing a bathroom for your kids means a creation that looks like something from Walt Disney World, with miniature sinks and toilets, think again. Although there’s nothing wrong with having items that cater to your child’s imagination, their bathroom should be functional (just like yours) and more importantly, be able to accommodate them as they grow.

It’s natural for parents to “think small” when creating any kind of space for their children, but the bathroom can present special challenges—in some cases, it may do double-duty as a guest bathroom, and thus have to serve the needs of your visiting adult relatives or friends. So how do you fashion a kid-friendly bathroom that is versatile and adaptable? It’s not as hard as you think—with some creative ingredients, you can make the kids’ bathroom a space that will be safe and friendly to little hands and feet, and be able to handle the six-inch growth spurts that can come with the transition from childhood to adolescent.

When dealing with any room in your house with respect to children, safety is obviously paramount. Things that adults take for granted can be particularly hazardous to children, and the bathroom can be ground zero for hazards in the home. Children have to be able to reach sinks and sit on toilets, which can be a challenge for toddlers that are just learning to use the bathroom. Something as simple as a step stool can be a good solution for reaching toothbrushes and soap, or an even better solution—having a lift-out step in the bottom of a vanity—-can provide a longer term answer to the problem of short legs and arms. But the hazards in the bathroom are not limited to what your child cannot reach. If your bathroom is used by both the kids and adults in the house, medicines and cleaning chemicals can present dangerous threats to their safety. In these cases, cabinet locks, which can range from standard heavy duty key locks to slick keyless combination models, are a relatively inexpensive must-have for your bathroom.

In the shower/tub, slip-resistant mats and adjustable shower heads are a universal solution for children and adults alike, and are also a reasonably inexpensive way to further keep your bathroom from becoming the danger zone that it often is.

As far as cleanliness goes, any parent knows the one universal, infallible law of children—they are messy. Keeping your bathroom clean and organized can often seem like a never-ending job, with dirty towels and washcloths serving as the décor for the floor. This is where in-bathroom storage space can be a time (and lower back) saver. You can install open shelving on lower levels for bathroom toys, hairbrushes and other items, and hooks rather than bars for hanging towels, for those children who have a particular aversion to folding. The key is to have your storage accessible for your children, while making it serve the dual purpose of keeping the bathroom from looking like a war zone.

And of course, having a LUXE Linear Drain installed will mesh perfectly with your plan to keep your child’s bathroom functional as well as stylish and charming. Consult with us today by contacting us here on our website, or calling us at 877-398-8110. We look forward to hearing from you!

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