Curb or No Curb?

If you’re exploring shower design options you’ve probably come across the terms no curb, zero threshold, and curbless . You’ve probably also discovered some pictures of beautiful walk-in showers, but have you taken a minute to note if the shower has a curb or no curb? To some a small detail, to others, a crucial detail. So what’s the difference? Why a curb? Why no curb? And how are linear drains relevant?  

Removing the curb to the shower can streamline the overall design by creating a continuous flooring surface throughout the bathroom into the shower area. The same tile can be used throughout the entire bathroom and bathing area to really drive continuity or a different tile can be used to create separation between the two spaces even though there is no physical [threshold] boundary. No curb simply for design purposes is not the only reason people are ditching the curb for the curbless. Removing the curb maximizes bathing safety. The removal of the curb reduces the chance for slips and falls that can occur when stepping over to enter the shower. It also allows for wheelchairs and walkers to be wheeled safely into the bathing area with no need to lift or adjust, creating the ability to maintain neutral body position.

However, removing the curb also means the shower must be carefully designed to drain properly and minimize water overflow from the designated bathing area. Enter linear drains! When installed opposite the threshold, linear drains provide maximum drainage capabilities and limit spillover. When installing a linear drain the shower floor requires a slight pitch towards the linear drain. The less technical explanation: the shower floor slants away from the shower entry and towards the linear drain, water follows gravity.  For more on placement options, check out our previous blog post here

Now that we’ve covered no curb, what about using a linear drain and still keeping the curb? We love this design option too! Using a linear drain can still elevate the overall design of the shower even if you prefer to keep the curb. Here is a perfect example: 

Stunning, right? There really is no right answer when it comes to curb or no curb. It all depends on your personal design goals, bathroom needs, physical needs, and overall aesthetic. For more inspiration, check out our gallery page.