Curbless Showers Among Points on Bathroom Safety Checklist

As the baby boomer generation retires, more and more are remodeling their homes so that they will be able to live in them as long as possible. In order to do this, certain safety considerations must be made.

  • Install curb-less showers: Installing a linear drain in your shower eliminates the tripping hazard of a shower curb or threshold. These drains are installed across the entryway of your shower shower, with the floor slanting in one direction for better drainage and balance.
  • Use slip resistant flooring in the bathroom: Traction for wet feet will significantly decreasing the risk of injury from falls.
  • Install Grab bars: These will provide you with support while bending or moving around and help you to maintain your balance.
  • Use organizational baskets or shelving: Knowing exactly where the things you need will be will eliminate the need for shuffling around, and therefore lower the risk of injury from a fall while showering.

LUXE Linear Drains has linear drains for accessible showers that drain properly. Please visit our website to see our products. Please view this bathroom safety checklist for more information about creating a safe bathroom environment for senior adults.

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