Doorless Showers Require Adequate Drainage

In recent years, more and more homeowners have chosen to incorporate the concept of a doorless shower into the design of their bathrooms. While it may seem like a new–and possibly unconventional–idea, the trend has actually been adopted for quite some time in France, as noted in the post titled “Doorless Showers Open a World of Possibilities” on Houzz.

Doorless showers make a bathroom feel more spacious and are actually a great concept when thinking about future needs, as they are a fabulous universal design solution since there are no curbs to step over. The post notes eight important points to consider for those who think a doorless shower might be right for their space. We were particularly drawn to the fifth tip, considering it deals with the space’s drainage system. Here’s what it said:

Ensure Proper Drainage – Not only will you guard against damage from standing water, but you’ll also protect yourself from skidding on the wet floors. Angle the shower slightly so that water flows toward the drain, and think about adding a second drain for doubly effective siphoning.

Doorless shower areas, such as the one shown above, require proper drainage for safety and practicality.

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