Drains that Promote Safety and Cleanliness for the Health Care Industry

healthcare linear drainGiven the responsibilities with which healthcare facilities are entrusted, even the smallest considerations can result in big consequences. For example, choosing the right setup for the bathing facilities ensures that residents can bathe in a safe and comfortable manner, whereas poor choices can cause both danger and discomfort. For both private individuals and healthcare facilities interested in maintaining safe and comfortable bathing facilities, linear drains can be a godsend.

For people unfamiliar with the concept, linear drains are built right into the floor and covered using stainless steel grating. Such drains are common sights in shared bathing facilities, because of the benefits presented to both management and users.

For management, linear drains are beneficial because of their tried-and-true design. They are also cost-efficient while also being simple to install. At the same time, stainless steel drains are also easier to clean and resistant to the biotic build-up that can threaten human health. For users, linear drains makes bathing facilities accessible to all individuals, which is a big problem with more commonplace bath-and-shower designs. Furthermore, their design ensures that their surface provide superior grip, thus diminishing the chances of an accident while walking on wet floors.

Please contact LUXE for more information on including linear drains in your healthcare facility.

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