Dress Your Kitchen to Impress This Holiday Season

We at LUXE Linear Drains hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday. With all that time spent in the kitchen and much more to come this holiday season, we bet you noticed some areas that could use improvements. LUXE offers two products that are sure to address your kitchen’s aesthetic and efficiency needs.

Stainless Steel Knife SlotOur fully hand-polished stainless steel knife slots are perfect for those who are tired of obtrusive knife holders that take way too much counter space. The best part about these knife slots is that you can put one almost anywhere in your kitchen as long as you are properly prepared. You can accommodate most, if not all, of your knives with slots that range from one foot to two feet in length.

Kitchen Bench DrainThe kitchen bench drain is an elegant insert and stunning compliment to your kitchen sink. It is perfect for quickly drying glasses, utensils, and more. You can officially say goodbye to the days of drying your glasses on cloth or plastic. These drains also keep your counter dry and clean while maintaining your kitchen’s beauty.

Think long and hard about how much easier these items would make your holiday cooking and cleaning. Don’t forget that you’ll be catching the eyes of all your relatives and giving them something to talk about long after that delicious meal. Call LUXE Linear Drains today to learn more about incorporating a knife slot or bench drain in your kitchen design.

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