Great Ideas for Outdoor Showers


An outdoor shower can use various types of outdoor elements or be modernized. Outdoor showers are also a great solution to home drainage such as linear shower drains. They can enhance the look of the home or create an artistic appearance.

Consider using architecture with the shower. Paint the walls of the shower to match the color of the home and the showerhead can match the lighting covers to keep the shower looking less conspicuous. Artistic showers can include rustic metal walls that resemble an old barn or a blend of landscaping and garden walls with a vertical stoned wall. This creates less privacy, but it allows you to become one with nature.

From wood to metal, outside showers can be durable, withstanding all types of weather. There are additional ways to dress up the outdoor shower including placing shelves of plants near the outside of the walls or a bench inside with small shelves for holding towels and accessories.

For the bottom of the outside shower, be sure to place stone, slab, ipe stands, concrete, or tile to prevent your feet from getting dirty in the grass. Contact us at LUXE Linear Drains for more ideas on installing an outdoor shower today!

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