Have You Considered Tile Insert Point Drains?

Tile Insert Point DrainsAre you looking for a point drain that is fully functional while maintaining a cutting edge appearance? Tile insert point drains are great options for those who are renovating one or more bathrooms and would like to stick with traditional point drain systems.

The LUXE Square Tile Drain is easily installed just like tile, and it fits into all standard floor drains. The removable tile tray makes it easy to clean and access the area below the surface. By combining style with function, this square tile drain is sure to ‘wow’ guests and give your bathroom a clean, spotless appearance.

Our square tile insert point drains are available with either a two-inch outlet or three-inch outlet, which accommodate a wide range of projects. The actual point drain is five inches by five inches, and the tile insert is 4.25 inches by 4.25 inches with a tray depth of 22 millimeters.

Call LUXE Linear Drains at 404-395-0070 for more information about using square tile insert point drains for your next bathroom or shower renovation.

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