History of Drainage and How it Relates to Your Home Drainage Needs

Senior Living Linear DrainsDrainage systems have evolved over time and continue to do so in order to meet the needs of society and individuals. Custom trench drains are the most recent evolution of the modern drain, with linear drain systems being some of the most popular in this area.

Drainage has been used for more than 5,000 years to maintain and irrigate land as well as bring water from one location to another. As civilizations dealt with flooding issues, they used ditches to drain large areas of land and protect building foundations from surface and ground water. This allowed people to protect their homes and land, grow crops, and develop the land.

History of Drainage SystemsTake a look at the graphic above to see how drainage systems have evolved since their beginnings more than five millennia ago. Today, lineal systems (trench drains) are very popular because they are cost effective solutions for collecting, removing, and diverting rainwater from the surface.

Linear drains should be considered for your next home remodel project as they simplify any shower renovation and provide a look like no other system.

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