Improve Drainage around Your Pool

pool drain

Improving drainage around your pool is essential if you want your pool to stay clean. If your poolside area has inadequate drainage, rainwater will flow into your pool, taking with it any leaves, dirt or litter that may be lying on the surrounding area of ground. To avoid having to clear debris out of your pool every time it rains, you should look into poolside drainage solutions such as linear drains.

There is also an important safety aspect of having proper drainage around your pool. Puddles of water left lying around the poolside are a slip hazard. Also, if the excess water collects in flowerbeds, the soil can become waterlogged, which may harm or even kill your plants.

Linear drains, when installed by the side of your pool, provide a channel which can carry away rain or pool overflow water. When shopping for linear drains, consider the range offered by Luxe Linear Drains, which are available in attractive streamlined designs.

Any pool perimeter can be smartened up by installing linear drains to remove excess water. Improve drainage around your pool now to help your pool stay clean and inviting.

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