Improve Your Outdoor Kitchen Space with Knife Slots

With spring right around the corner, we know many of you are ready for the warmer weather to arrive so you can finally fire up the grill and enjoy your outdoor kitchens. As you complete your spring cleaning in preparation to use your space, you may notice some ways your outdoor kitchen could improve to make it more efficient for your outdoor entertaining. Thankfully, LUXE has a few products that can address those issues – one product in particular is our knife slots.

Made of fully polished stainless steel, our knife slots are the perfect addition to an outdoor kitchen, as they keep the tools you need organized and close at hand. Because they are integrated into the countertop, you’ll have more space to use as a work surface or a buffet-line for serving your guests. Best of all, our knife slots look great with any countertop material and will accommodate most, or perhaps all, of your knives, as the slots range in size from one to two feet in length.

Now is the time to get your outdoor kitchen ready for lots of use throughout the spring and summer, and our knife slots are just the accessory you need to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. Call LUXE Linear Drains today at 877-398-8110 or visit our website today for more details.

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