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Point-drain-around the bathtub. white tub with granite encasing and granite tile

Who needs a bath mat when your bathroom floor doubles as a drain? Check out the point drains surrounding the bathtub. You can’t see the drains, right? That’s because LUXE point drains are designed to camouflage the look of the drains in your home.

The porcelain tub pictured above is encased in black granite or black marble. Surrounding the tub, the LUXE tile insert point drains provide uniformity across the bathroom floor and throughout the bathroom.

Imagine filling the bathtub with water and relaxing into it. A little water might spill over the edge of the white porcelain and down the black granite onto the floor. You don’t worry about cleaning the floor immediately, and not because the floor is tile. You continue to relax because you know that the spilled water has fallen into the drains. The easy installation is worth the worry-free bath time, every time.


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