Infinity Shower Drains

For homeowners who are searching for that ideal shower and bath drainage may want to consider using infinity drains. Linear drains for showers & baths can make a world of difference in your remodeled or upgraded bathroom as they can be easily hidden or camouflaged.Infinity_Shower_Drains_B

The drainage in the shower can be incorporated to match the shower tiles or the solid surface of the floor, depending on what you decide. The tile can give an upgraded elegant appearance while the solid surface is more simple.

With linear drains you will not have to have the drain in the center of the shower. Instead you can place the drain either near a wall or at the entrance of the shower. Typical drains require a pitched flooring in four directions whereas the linear drain only needs one direction of pitching. Infinity shower drains can be lifted out easily as well for cleaning.

For more information on linear drains be sure to contact us at Luxe Linear Drains for further assistance today!

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