Keep Your Guests Safe on Rainy Days with a Wedgewire Staircase

Rainy days don’t have to cause safety worries for you and your guests … nor does providing great drainage have to mean installing an unsightly industrial drain. Instead, Wedgewire staircases provide excellent outdoor functionality in wet weather while still giving a beautiful, high-end look for your property.

The secret is in the design. Wedgewire outdoor staircases are custom-crafted made from marine grade stainless steel. This gives an attractively sleek modern look while ensuring no amount of rain will degrade the appearance of a Wedgewire staircase. Plus, the custom installation allows for a staircase to be fit into any combination of spaces.

Yet the aesthetic appeal isn’t the main benefit. On rainy days, Wedgewire staircases provide unmatched drainage, allowing for no puddling or standing water on your outdoor staircases. Worries about slick surfaces or stepping in puddles are completely eliminated, and strategically placed linear drains along the based ensure the water around the staircase is swept away briskly, leaving no trace of moisture behind to cause trouble.

To learn more about how a Wedgewire staircase can keep your guests safe while provide a great look, contact LUXE today.

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