Keep Your Swimming Pool Deck Clean and Dry This Summer

Summer is coming in a couple of months, which means throngs of visitors will soon be headed to the pool. Although it might seem as though it is too late to implement drastic changes, there is still much

Image via Shutterstock.

Image via Shutterstock.

that can be done in preparation for the upcoming deluge. Linear drains provide a beautiful and functional addition to any pool.

Installing a linear drain around your pool is an ideal way to keep your pool decks dry and clean. This is important both because of their effectiveness and the consequential reduction in maintenance needs.

With all the splashing and cannonballs, it is inevitable that water will escape their boundaries on a regular basis. However, excessive water on pool decks can create slipping hazards, which are serious dangers that can lead to significant harm and legal liabilities. Furthermore, excessive moisture can result in mold, residue build-up, and other potential health problems. Installing the right drains can drastically reduce these issues.

LUXE Linear Drains can help you get your pool ready for pool season with a stylish and functional new look.

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