Kitchen Bench Drain Can Transform Your Kitchen Counter

If you think sink drains still must be confined to the bottom of a kitchen sink these days you are sadly mistaken. The newest drain design, the kitchen bench drain is ideal for a kitchen, wet bar or outdoor grill/cooking area.

This unique and stylish drain is perfect for both food preparation as well as drying glasses, fine china and all plastic items that aren’t dishwasher safe. They are also used in many households for kosher food preparation.

The kitchen bench drain gets rid of those outdated plastic dish drainers and moldy plastic mats. No more bulky wooden drying racks taking up precious counter space in today’s smaller kitchen when you install a kitchen bench drain.

Quickly becoming a favorite of contractors and plumbers, these drains can be installed either vertically or horizontally. Available in five different sizes, the kitchen bench drain offers seamless integration into new construction or an existing countertop.

For more information on this state of the art new kitchen drain, please give LUXE Linear Drains a call at 877.398.8110.

Photo: Meet the Kitchen Bench Drain | LUXE Linear Drains, LLC

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