Life is Easier When You Go Linear

Linear drains, or “channel drains”, as they are sometimes called, are quickly becoming the drains of choice for homeowners and bathroom remodelers and installers. Not only are they more aesthetically attractive than the traditional point or center drains, but they are easier to install and integrate into a total bathroom design.

So what makes a linear drain an easier and more advantageous choice? Let’s outline just a few:

1. With a linear drain, you only need to pitch the floor in one direction, as opposed to creating a “bowl” and having to slope the bathroom floor in 4 directions.
2. Linear drains are versatile—they can fit in small or large spaces.
3. Linear drains can be installed with a wider variety of materials, like stone.
4. Allows for a flat shower floor, which prevents installer from having to use small tile to conform to the “bowl”.
5. Installation times can be reduced from 3 days (typical for a point drain install, due to the floor-sloping labor) to one day with a linear drain.

In addition to these installation advantages, linear drains can actually be a safer choice for a bathroom. Why? Because a shower floor that has multiple slopes to a center drain can present a hazard or at least difficulty to someone who must use a wheelchair in the shower. In addition, the more rapid drainage that a linear drain promotes can significantly reduce the chances of mold rearing its ugly head in the bathroom.

If you’re a contractor or bathroom designer and are looking for a quality linear drain for your project, give us a call at 877-398-8110 or contact us here on our website. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and walk you through all the benefits that a LUXE Linear Drain can offer!

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