Linear Countertop Drains Add Style to Kitchens and Bars

Linear kitchen drains are the latest in design technology to help you keep your kitchen clean and looking good. These horizontal running drains look sleek and professional. They are able to combine both function and design into one modern looking package. If you have limited space, and need more space to dry your dishes, then a linear kitchen drain is just what you need.

They are not only great for homes, but they are ideal in restaurants where efficient design is lemons thumbkey. Restaurants rely on function and high performance capability when it comes to running a professional kitchen smoothly. Linear drains are just the thing restaurant kitchens need to remain on top of their cleaning. The best part is that they look as great as they work. You cannot ask for better a design that incorporates both performance and aesthetics.

These elegant drains are made to work seamlessly into your kitchen. They are available in multiple sizes and they can also be customized to any kitchen design. Being made of stainless steel ensures that will not rust or deteriorate. The high quality materials used to make these linear kitchen drains will keep them looking fresh and beautiful for years to come.

Call LUXE Linear Drains at 877-398-8110 to inquire about installing linear drains in your home or restaurant.

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