Linear Drainage Solutions for Your Patio

Wedgewire Commercial Public TransitLinear drains are designed to accommodate many uses throughout your home. From traditional shower placements to more creative placements next to the sink, homeowners find that linear drains serve to protect their most valuable investments while adding a desirable aesthetic to the home.

Linear drains are also perfect for use on patios. This is an area where water can accumulate very easily and quickly, yet we use our patios all the time. What better way to drain this valuable space than by installing a linear drainage system? With one of these in place, the next time you, say, go outside to grill after a quick summer rain shower, you will not accidentally step in a big puddle of water and get your clothes wet. And that’s just the beginning.

These linear drainage systems also serve to protect your home’s foundation, which can be of increased importance depending on where you live. Even if you do not live in an area that has an elevated risk of flooding, you can benefit from the added security provided by a linear drainage system.

Call LUXE Linear Drains today to learn more about how you protect your home from high levels of water and make your patio the place to be, even after a rainy day.

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