Linear Drains are Safe and Subtle

When it comes to safety in the shower, not everything has to be an eyesore. In fact, linear drains for accessible showers not only increase the overall safety of the space, but also the aesthetic beauty. That’s because linear drains blend in with the design of your bathroom, creating or adding to any atmosphere you desire.wedgewire linear drain

Types of Linear Drains for Accessible Showers

There are two popular choices when it comes to linear drainage solutions.  Either one is sure to raise the bar on safety and style in your bathroom:

  • Wedgewire Grating Linear Drain: Installed flush against the wall, resting at the same exact level as the rest of the shower. This makes it barely noticeable and super-safe.
  • Tile Insert Linear Drain: A more stylish, but still extremely safe option, tile inserts replace one of the tiles in your shower with a specially made drain that blends right in with the decor of the tub. Safe, effective and modern, this is one of the most popular linear drains for accessible showers.

Regardless of which style you decide on, the choice is clear for homeowners across America: the only way to make a shower truly accessible is with a linear drain. To do so call LUXE at 877-398-8110 or visit our website.

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