Linear Drains Complement the Shower Bench

A shower bench is the perfect accessory for a shower. The area is often not given the amount of consideration it deserves. If you have added this feature to your shower experience, you will not be disappointed.
If you are looking to get better drainage and a more subtly pleasing appearance in your shower, you need look no further than linear drains.
These drains are the perfect choice when it comes to the shower bench. It produces clean lines that butt up against the bench in wonderful harmony. The line of the drain matches the line of most benches.
To further complement the bench, you can also place a tile insert into the drain to limit the incongruity often associated with drains. Linear shower drains give you a wide variety of choices that go beyond the standard circular drain that is seen in most homes.

Contact LUXE Linear Drains to learn about the many choices and benefits that this type of drain can provide you.

photo courtesy of Houzz


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