Linear Drains for a Cleaner, Safer Bathroom

Design and construction changes are inevitable with the current landscape of the industry and as it continues to evolve due to COVID-19. Designers, contractors, and customers alike may shift their focus to items that were previously overlooked or deemed unnecessary. Touchless faucets have long been used in commercial bathrooms but were a rarity in residential builds. Now, however, the cost to upgrade faucets to touchless probably seems more necessary and less frivolous than in past. Who wouldn’t love coming into their home and not having to touch anything before washing their hands? Touchless faucets eliminate additional surface touches that could bring in outside germs,  especially in the kitchen where families tend to gather. How many touches to the sink faucet happen daily? How many times should it be wiped down? Well, that’s far less of a problem and risk when there is no touch necessary. 

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “but how does this relate to linear drains?” Well, linear drains allow for the creation of a single surface bathroom or wetroom. The simple lack of curbs and barriers allows for easier and more thorough cleaning. Particularly in commercial settings, the seamless floor makes it easier to spray down the surface completely. Or for those hotels and mutli-use facilities using more technologically advanced cleaning solutions, UV sanitizing wands or robots can smoothly roll over the single surface floor. Additionally, in a bathroom or wetroom where a linear drain is installed, the floor is sloped towards the linear drain to ensure proper drainage. This means all germs are flowing in the same direction – down the drain.

Stainless steel itself is ideal for sterile environments as stainless steel cannot rust and does not break down from abrasive cleaners and solvents. This means your drain can be cleaned time and time again and still maintain its beauty, while also providing proper drainage function for a cleaner bathroom. And while we’re discussing functionality and aesthetics, LUXE Linear Drains offers five different grate styles to match any design aesthetic or chosen tiles. Add interest and beauty to your shower, bathroom or wetroom floor while also creating functionality for a cleaner, safer bathroom.


All LUXE Linear Drains are cUPC certified by IAPMO. Rated for use in residential and commercial projects, both indoors and outdoors. For more information, please contact us – or (877) 398 – 8110.