Linear Drains for Pools

Summer is in full swing! It is probably too late to make any changes to your pool for this season, but while you’re taking a break from the sunshine and water, let’s discuss linear drains for pools. Yes – bring the indoor drainage to the outside. Linear drains are typically constructed of 304-grade or 316-grade stainless steel. Both options provide durability and resistance from rust and corrosion, although 316 is considered “marine-grade”.  Linear drains also allow for an unobtrusive, highly functional feature in any pool deck while elevating the overall design.  Most pool drains are designed solely for function and not aesthetics, as seen below. The streamlined design of linear drains meshes well with any type of pool design while providing more efficient drain rates.

Photo – Google Images

LUXE Custom Wedgewire Linear Drains

Linear drains can also aid in pool deck safety. The ability to effectively process more gallons [of water] per minute results in minimal spillover. LUXE Wedgewire gratings are ADA compliant as well; creating a safer surface for not only disabled individuals entering the pool, but also ensuring no fingers or toes from the younger crowd are getting stuck in those pesky old pool grates.

What about infinity pools? (You probably guessed it) Linear drains are an excellent choice! Check out the custom Wedgewire gratings in the picture below serving as the drainage on the back side of the infinity edge pool. As you can see, the custom pool is beautiful from all angles. It is important to keep in mind that for an infinity pool to work properly the water must go through the drain and be pumped back into the pool. Obviously, the pump mechanism is important, but equally important is the drainage choice. Since linear drains offer the ability for a fully customizable drain, any width and depth needed to accommodate an infinity pool is possible.

Photo Courtesy of Stormtech [AU]

What about rectangular pools? LUXE has those corners covered! A custom drain can be made for 90-degree angles. Check out this stunning installation:  

For any questions or additional information regarding custom drainage solutions – contact us. We look forward to helping with your next pool project!