Linear Drains Help Make Showers Easy to Clean

Showers get a lot of use from the residents of a home, but they’re often not the easiest spaces to clean. Many homeowners find it pretty cumbersome to spend an hour or two lugging cleaning supplies into the shower – especially if the shower is curbed – to get it clean and shiny. Some find themselves wishing for a way to make cleaning simple and easier.

Fortunately, easier, quicker clean-up is a benefit of having linear shower drains installed. In addition to their aesthetic and universal design benefits, linear shower drains can actually help you accomplish your cleaning task more quickly. As explained by a recent Houzz article, a linear drain placed along one side of the shower means the floor slants in only one direction, unlike the pitched sides of a conventional circular floor drain.  Because of this, water is flows down in one direction, which drains it away more effectively as you clean. This eliminates soap bubbles being stuck in corners and the need to rinse grit that has flowed over the drain and partway up the other side of the floor.

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Image from Houzz

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