Linear Drains Outside of the Shower

In continuing the house prep for the holidays with LUXE, how about we discuss linear drains for the sink area! Ever notice the amount of water that hits the floor near the sink? Not only does it create a safety hazard – hello slippery surface – but standing water also isn’t great for the longevity of flooring surfaces. Yes, bathroom flooring materials are designed to be able to handle water. However, why not make the flooring surface last even longer? Who doesn’t want more bang for their buck? Well luckily linear drains are not limited to just the shower area. Linear drains can easily be installed into ANY area of any bathroom.

Functional AND beautiful – right? This particular installation featured a standard LUXE Wedgewire 30” linear drain below the vanity. However, we know every bathroom design is unique so fully custom designs are also available. Any length, width, outlet position – you draw it, we can make it.

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