Linear Drains Prevent Water Damage

Image via LUXE Linear Drains.

Image via LUXE Linear Drains.

Water damage results in costly repairs and renovations, not to mention health and safety hazards. LUXE Linear Drains are stylish, efficient drainage solutions for residential homes, commercial buildings and healthcare facilities.

  • Kitchen Countertops and Floors. Commercial and residential kitchens benefit from sleek and hygienic linear drains on countertops and floors. Linear drains are streamlined and attractive, with options that blend with traditional or contemporary kitchen designs. You won’t have to worry about unsightly mineral deposits, countertop etching, or grout damage that results from standing water. Your floors will remain slip-free and sanitary.
  • Pool and Spa Areas. Our linear drains are an ideal solution for outdoor drainage. Even slip-proof concrete is hazardous when water drainage is an issue. This especially true when standing water allows mold and mildew to develop. Over time, poor drainage in your pool area will cause concrete to erode and/or crack, creating expensive maintenance costs.
  • Bathrooms. Curbless shower entries, open plan shower spaces, and accessible bathrooms are made possible by LUXE linear drains unique design.

Whether you use linear drains on bath/shower areas, or outdoor spaces, your hard surfaces will be prevented from the effects of cumulative water damage.

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