Linear Drains vs. Typical Shower Drains

When it comes to selecting a drain for your shower, would you rather choose a drain that is composed of several different parts, tricky to install, and isn’t all that attractive in appearance; or, would you prefer to have a drain that fits atop any standard clampdown floor drains, installs into a tile bed just like tile, and is visually appealing?

A typical shower drain consists of many parts that must be meticulously assembled in order for it to function properly. In addition to the assembly process, there aren’t many design options for the strainer and leads to an unattractive appearance.

A standard shower drain.

A linear shower drain from LUXE Linear Drains, on the other hand, fits on top of any standard clampdown floor drain of any construction. All you have to do is remove the threaded strainer assembly and replace it with your LUXE Linear Drain. It simply installs into the tile bed of your shower just like the tile itself and is independent of any waterproofing method, material, or procedure – simply use any code-approved waterproofing material.

A linear drain ready for installation in a shower remodel.

A LUXE Tile Insert Linear Drain.

When it comes time to make a decision, the choice is easy – LUXE Linear Drains has the most attractive and easiest-to-install shower drains in the industry. Visit our website to view our products and to learn more about the installation process. Feel free to contact us at 877-398-8110 with any questions.

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