Linear Drains with Offset Outlets

Let’s talk offset outlets. Shower and bathroom design can vary vastly. For most projects, LUXE standard size linear drains [with central 2” outlets] fit the project needs. However, we do often hear that a central outlet will not work. So what to do for an offset outlet? Well, LUXE offers two great options.

Option 1: LUXE Modular V Channel Wedgewire or Tile Insert 48-inch kits

  • Site adjustable.
  • Kit includes: one 48-inch Stainless channel, one 48-inch Wedgewire grate OR Tile Insert tray, two end caps, one outlet joiner, one standard joiner, and one outlet.
  • Designed to be coupled together or cut-down-to-size.
  • Outlet can be drilled and positioned wherever needed.
  • Available in Wedgewire or Tile Insert.

Why use one of the Mod-V kits? Modular V-channel drains can be sized onsite (site adjustable) and cut to the desired length – creating versatility. Two or more kits can be joined together for longer drain runs. Modular drain kits are a convenient off-the-shelf, customizable option when timeframes are tight, and it is not possible to wait for a custom order.

Option 2: A fully custom linear drain

  • What do we need from you? Drawings, measurements, and project information.
  • What will we provide? A quote for your fully customized linear drain.
  • Lead time? Varies – anywhere from 6-10 weeks depending upon current manufacturing conditions and schedules. We advise inquiring about custom orders several months ahead of time to ensure there is plenty of time before the desired installation date to accommodate the varying lead time.
  • Available in any grate style.
  • Custom color matching available by request – Matte Black, Champagne Bronze, Oil Rubbed Bronze and more.

Why go the custom route? The drain is built to the exact needed specifications – channel length, width, depth, and outlet position. It comes ready to go out of the box. No pressing, drilling, or piecing together onsite.

Both options are also great when the need for an offset outlet is due to the application type, such as outdoor installations. Pools, patios, walkways, driveways, decking, and more. To read more about outdoor installations with LUXE products, check out our previous blog post. For more information on the Modular V Channel kits, click here. And for information on custom projects, follow the link here