Linear Shower Drains Among the Design Considerations for Accessible Showers

Although those from the baby boomer generation are reaching their retirement years, most of them are still leading very active lifestyles. With that being said, a good majority of this part of the population desire to live out their retirement years in their own homes – the place where they’ve raised their family and feel most comfortable. However, they also realize the importance of modifying their homes in advance to be prepared for issues that gaining brings about, like limited mobility.

The bathroom is one the rooms that must have modifications in order to make it safe for seniors who live on their own to navigate. A recent ideabook on Houzz discussed in depth some of the design considerations one should think about when designing an accessible shower, which included the following ideas.

  • Install grab bars to assist with balance.
  • If the shower will have a doorway, make sure it is wide enough for a wheelchair to pass through.
  • Consider a one-way slope for the shower floor. This will allow for a shower stool to sit level and not rock on the floor as they do in a shower with multiple slopes.
  • Use linear shower drains. Linear drains help create a safer entry since bathers do not have to step over a curb, which could cause them to lose their balance.
  • Make sure the bathroom, including the shower space, is properly lit. This is especially useful for those with vision impairments. Think about LED backlights for the linear drain.

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Image from Houzz

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