LUXE Knife Slot

Designing or renovating a kitchen? Thinking about how to make the kitchen space more functional? Want to limit the number of things floating around counter surfaces? LUXE has a solution for you!  The LUXE Knife Slot, made of 100% polished stainless steel. No more butcher blocks or knife storage pieces. No sharp knives floating around the silverware drawer. All knives safely stored inlaid right into the counter surface.

LUXE Knife Slot

The Knife Slot installs flush with the counter surface, so there is no interruption in kitchen design – only added functionality. Available in standard sizes 14”, 18” and 22”, designed to accommodate any type of cook! A few knives or a whole collection.

The LUXE Knife Slot follows suit with it’s LUXE Kitchen Bench Drain partner, compatible with any counter surface material. And even better news, the LUXE Knife Slot can be retrofit into existing countertops.

LUXE Kitchen Bench Drain and Knife Slot

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