LUXE Linear Drains are also Appropriate for Senior Living and Health Care Facilities

Over the past few months, we’ve discussed on several occasions how our linear shower drains can be used to create sleek, safe, and accessible showers in residential settings. Today, we wanted to remind you of another application our drains can be used in – senior living and health care facilities.

As we age, our mobility becomes more and more limited, and some senior adults may need to move into an assisted living facility when they can no longer care for themselves and get around like they used to. Traditional shower stalls are often not able to accommodate those with limited mobility or those requiring wheelchair access due to curbing, as it is difficult for people to step over the curb and almost impossible to maneuver a wheelchair over it. A linear shower drain improves the form and function of the shower because there is no threshold for residents and staff to trip over. The same can be said for a health care facility such as a hospital or rehabilitation center.

To learn more about linear shower drains that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility guidelines, please visit the LUXE Linear Drains website or give us a call at 877-398-8110. We are here to address your questions and help you select a linear drain that meets the needs of your project.

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