LUXE Linear Drains Barrier-Free Showers Ideal for All Aging in Place and Senior Living Env.

The entire collection of modern, stylish LUXE Linear Drains in decorative, tile insert and pattern grate design linear channel drains are produced using architectural-grade, 100% stainless steel for durability and performance. For seniors aging at home and all modern senior living facilities, interior design product teams have found a hugely important addition to their programs both visually and functionally. In addition to being ADA-compliant for all commercial or multi-housing project, LUXE Linear Drains provide safety, independence and peace of mind for the growing trend of seniors choosing to age in place.

LUXE Linear Drains can be installed at the threshold, or shower entry to provide barrier-free, curbless custom showers for modern, stylish custom showers. The ability to install the drain anywhere in the shower floor design layout, including for zero-threshold designs provides a huge benefit for modern senior living environments. The concept of barrier-free, curbless entry stylish showers in healthcare and modern senior living provides tremendous advantages for everyone. For many seniors, having a safe, easy to use bath and shower can provide the independence they need to stay at home longer if they choose.image6

LUXE Linear Drains are not only visually-stunning, perfectly functional and affordable, the entire collection is fast and easy to install for contractors, a benefit that grows exponentially based on the project-type. LUXE Linear Drains install in just a fraction of the time it used to take for contractors to perfectly pitch the mortar in four directions toward the round center-drain in the middle of the shower floor and design. With LUXE Linear Drains, the subfloor is pre-pitched ¼” in just one gentle slope toward the drain that can be installed anywhere in the shower design.

image7LUXE Linear Drains are universally designed with a welded, 2” diameter central outlet drain and once installed, lie flush with both the bath and shower floor. The company also offers 5” x 5” decorative patterned grate square replacement drains and square tile insert trays for modern design custom showers. LUXE Linear Drains are of the highest quality and design, and their priced to be a cost-effective solution for architects, specification teams and interior designers in all healthcare, senior living or multi-housing environments.

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