LUXE Linear Drains for Modern, Stylish + ADA-Compliant Hospitality Showers

Hospitality Design: LUXE Linear Drains has launched a complete collection of architectural grade, 100% percent stainless steel decorative, tile insert and pattern grid design linear drains for modern, stylish custom showers and the current new-age traveler that very rarely pops in the tub for a long pruning before that all-important meeting. In addition to greatly enhancing the ability to create stylish custom showers, LUXE Linear Drains can also be used to solve an important issue that all hospitality designers must take into account on every project.

In the U.S., all hospitality settings must include the right percentage of ADA-compliant guest rooms. Prior to linear drains gaining building code approval for all commercial projects, we’ve all witnessed our share of ADA-compliant guest baths and showers that were just plain awkward and unattractive.

Finally, hospitality designers that specify LUXE Linear Drains have the ability to create ADA-compliant showers and baths that are just as stunning as every other guest room. By nature, linear drains are designed to be subtle, low profile drains that sit flush and/or flat in relation to the surface of the shower floor. The newly discovered freedom makes all the difference in the world when it comes to designing ADA-compliant showers that can now be every bit as stylish as the ones installed in each guest room.

LUXE Linear Drains are used for zero-threshold shower design in many applications, providing a curbless, barrier-free entrance and more cohesive, uninterrupted tile design. Another popular trend is placing the linear drain along the back wall the showers substrate has been pre-pitched toward. This again allows hospitality interior designers to implement smooth, uninterrupted tile layouts that smoothly transition over the where the entrance would normally be and carry right through into the custom shower.

The explosive rise in the specification of linear drains is a definite example of a new product creating a new trend in residential and commercial bath and shower design. The arrival of the linear shower drain has been one of the most important developments in recent years. Just about every prestigious, established hotel in the country has remodeled each guestroom and created another sub-category, “tub to shower conversions.” It’s fair to say that very few new hospitality projects that have been built in the last five years do not include the heavy-use of linear shower drains.

LUXE Linear Drains award-winning collection of architectural-grade, 100% stainless steel decorative, tile insert and pattern grid linear drains are not affiliated with any one manufacturer of tile installation materials. Instead the choice is left up to the architect, hospitality interior designer, general contractor and most often, the tile contractor. This is an important factor that allows the commercial tile contractors the bonus of working with their preferred supplier, and the product systems they used to train all of their installers.

In addition to the myriad of custom designs and sizes offered LUXE Linear Drains, the full collection also includes the popular 5” x 5” stainless steel square tile insert drains. All LUXE Linear Drains have been universally designed with a welded 2” central diameter outlet and just replaces the strainer and flange in any standard clamped down shower floor.

All tile insert style LUXE Linear Drains will perfectly accommodate any glass mosaic, porcelain or natural stone tile up to ¾” thick. LUXE Linear Drains offers these ADA-compliant, high-design linear drains in six standard sizes including 26”, 30”, 36”, 40”, 48”, and 60”, with custom sizes available upon request. The shower drains can also be coupled when necessary to meet custom specifications.

LUXE Linear Drains, manufactured using architectural-grade, 100% stainless steel to produce linear channel drains and tile tray inserts for custom showers that are ideal for both residential and multi-shower commercial settings, including the most luxurious hospitality projects, healthcare facilities, casino resorts, office and educational buildings, military housing, condos, all senior living environments and much more.

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