LUXE Linear Drains has Drains for Outdoor Needs

When the rains fall, there is often a sense of relief that our plants, flowers, and gardens get a nice drink from Mother Nature. When the rain continues to fall, however, all that water can be hazardous. Standing water on decks can cause problems, like slippery surfaces, premature wear, or even mold. LUXE Linear Drains are a great solution for getting rid of excess water on decks, around the pool, in the garage, or anywhere you need the moisture to drain away. They are discreet, attractive, and effective.

Low-lying areas in the yard can pool with water, causing plants to get too much water. Pools of water are also a perfect breeding ground for pesky bugs. Eliminate these concerns by installing a LUXE Linear Drain. These drains are also ideal for pool perimeters. Water that splashes up around the pool can cause a dangerous, slippery environment where children often play.

Garages and basements can pose as problem areas as well. Moisture tends to build up in the concrete surfaces, seep into cracks, and cause other problems like mold, mildew and musty odors. A linear drain will take care of all that excess water, washing it well away from the surface.

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