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LUXE Linear Drains

LUXE Linear Drains

If you plan on renovating or enlarging an existing bathroom, installing an extra one, or building a new home — new fixtures are an important consideration in the design process. One concern is the efficiency and performance of the shower drain, which is often an unsightly square or circular drain in the middle of the shower floor.

Linear drains are an attractive, practical alternative to traditional shower drains, especially in a modern bathroom’s open design. LUXE Linear Drains offers sleek, stainless steel drains in a variety of finishes and designs, including pattern grate, mirror polish and wedge wire.

Our linear drains are easily installed flush against the wall or shower doorway at floor level in stainless steel or as tile insert linear drains and tile insert point drains which will exactly match the tile in your shower. These installations enhance your new bathroom with a safe, stylish, yet hardly noticeable drain system.

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