LUXE Linear Drains – Outdoors

Not only are linear drains discreet and stylish, making them a popular addition to showers, but they also have many uses that will upgrade the look and functionality of a home’s exterior.

One of the most common problems that homeowners face is poor drainage around their property. When drainage isn’t properly addressed, it can lead to more serious complications such as mold and mildew in basements along with foundation issues. The installation of linear drains helps to eliminate standing water and prevents associated damage while creating an attractive, yet understated, design element. 

Constructed of marine grade stainless steel, Wedgewire linear drains are extremely durable and built to withstand the elements without corroding or tarnishing – making them an ideal drain solution for exteriors in a wide range of climates. In addition, they can be customized to meet any specification and will fit many different types and sizes of outdoor spaces.

The following are some of the most popular applications for linear drains in outdoor settings:

Landscaping. Many homes are surrounded by landscaped areas, which can be over-watered, resulting in unwanted soil transfer onto grass and sidewalks. Water that accumulates in flower beds near the home also has the potential to seep into a home’s foundation. Ideally suited for use in gardens and planted beds, linear drains can help to avoid these issues by removing excess water while offering a streamlined aesthetic that will enhance any landscape.

Driveways and walkways. These frequently utilized exterior areas can also benefit from the installation of linear drains. For example, a wedgewire drain can be installed in front of a garage to help prevent puddling and flooding. Because the drain fits seamlessly into the ground, it is barely visible, yet quickly removes water from surfaces before it can cause a problem. 

Pools. Linear drains are often installed around pools, providing excellent spill-over protection and extra traction on slippery surfaces. The addition of a linear drain in a pool area not only makes the space more practical but also improves safety for homeowners and guests without distracting from the design of the outdoor living space. 

Outdoor Showers. Linear drain options in an outdoor shower area include adding a drain that is inserted into tile or an architectural style drain that is situated over a French drain leading to a sewer or septic tank. The drain will move the water from the shower floor to proper disposal without the risk of runoff while also significantly reducing the chance of slipping.

Linear drains are an ideal option for ensuring proper outdoor drainage – providing both a functional and attractive design element for a range of exterior settings.

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